LOGOCore Combatives (C2) training is concerned only with real encounters, and is designed to provide the maximum possible results in the minimum possible time.

C2 is a progressive integration of proven physical skills, developed only for actual use if conflict proves unavoidable. It is not merely a collection of self-defence techniques and sequences derived from various martial arts and combat sports.

The concept of ‘reverse engineering’ features very highly in the development and design of the C2 tactical model – solutions are created to address actual combative situations, as opposed to the manufacture of ‘problems’ to suit favoured ‘answers’ instead. Need must take priority over want, and C2 training ensures this.

All training is based on fact, not fantasy; C2 training does all it can to actively dispel common myths and misconceptions concerning real self-protection and related subjects. If it has not been proven to work repeatedly, under real duress, it is not taught. Everything is functional, nothing is ‘ornamental’ and it is all based on objective criteria – not subjective preference.

Real applications of C2 tactics are always simple, direct, and completely devoid of unnecessary movements, tricks or gimmicks. Under the intense pressure of real violent conflict, only simplicity proves truly successful.

The C2 Approach

“entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem” – Ockham’s Razor

“Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” is perhaps the fundamental principle of the C2 approach, that when all solutions to a problem are considered equal – the simplest one is the most worthwhile.

The overall aim of C2 training is not the attempt of making the seemingly impossible become merely possible, as is so-often the case, but to make what is already possible become highly probable.

Focus is given to highly functional generic techniques and tools, that are relatively simple to learn and retain, easily adapted to work in a wide variety of situations, and proven to work under the extreme stress of real combat.

If it cannot be proven to work under realistic conditions, where time, space and effectare severely compromised, it will not be taught.

Proof is everything when it comes to combat – faith stands for nothing.

Mick Coup

desert(cropped)With an extensive and varied background in a multitude of fighting systems, active military service and specialist security operations, Mick Coup provides expert and comprehensive tuition in personal protection, safety and security based only on reality and empirical knowledge.

Mick has a reputation for telling it as it really is, not just how many want it to be – often controversial, but backed by a wealth of ‘in harm’s way’ high-stakes experience, uncompromising and hard earned at the sharp edge, not just tested but proven beyond doubt – time and time again.

Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Mick studied and trained in several traditional and modern martial disciplines from an early age before enlisting in HM Forces, when his focus changed to more pragmatic and functional forms of personal combat to reflect real-life requirements.

This new direction in training was influenced by extensive exposure to military operating methods and detailed research into numerous and various progressive training resources, from related civilian, military and law-enforcement sectors.

Throughout his 12-year service career through to this day and tomorrow, Mick continually researched and developed functional and effective combative methods, always emphasising efficiency and simplicity, incorporating, adapting and integrating proven military tactics and real-time proven techniques gained from a combination of military active service and ongoing private security contracts.

From working on high-level close protection and surveillance details, plus armed operations in high-risk environments, to providing and managing security for problematic entertainment venues and acting as a ‘troubleshooter’ resolving sensitive issues for a wide range of domestic and international clients – Mick has had ample opportunity to confirm and validate the effectiveness of his methods, as have many of his previous and current students.

Designing and developing a purely functional, objective-based and requirement-driven concept-method for personal combat has lead Mick to the realisation of his widely acclaimed ‘C2: Core Combatives’ project. Progressive and modular, the C2 concept-model initially provides the necessary ’stripped down’ essentials, and builds layer-by-layer into a full-spectrum combative approach incorporating empty hands, impactive and bladed weapons and the tactical application of personal firearms – suitable and adaptable for the professional and novice alike.

Training is conducted throughout Europe and the US on an increasingly regular basis, and to date Mick has taught and continues to teach clients ranging from regular and elite military personnel, law enforcement officers and security professionals, to individuals from various corporate bodies and members of the general public.

Mick is currently based in the Midlands, England, and he continues to be active and operational within the specialist security industry, ensuring nothing less than up-to-date and current material is presented throughout his teaching.

Mick Coup om T3 Självskydd

”Robert recently attended and completed my four-day foundation course, and I was consistently impressed by his honest enthusiasm and obvious physical abilities. I’ve had many in-depth conversations with Robert concerning his T3 project, and though ambitious I firmly believe it will be successful given his current energy, integrity, and overall attitude. 

Furthermore, Robert recently hosted me for two public seminars and I can sincerely attest to his organisational skills being of the highest order – add being an attentive and conscientious host, and this means I am already looking forward to the next event.”


T3 Självskydd om CORE COMBATIVES

”Genom operativ erfarenhet, från både civilistens gator och militärens krigsfält, vet Mick vad han pratar om. Med en knivskarp pedagogik och metodik som få kan leverera, kan han få en nybörjare att växa enormt mycket på kort tid, och även få den mest avancerade utövaren att känna sig som en nybörjare igen.

Han lyckas förmedla kunskap och verktyg grundat på logik och fakta som gör att man även efter hans kurser kan fortsätta att träna enligt C2-modellen och utvecklas progressivt. Inget lämnas åt slumpen och det finns inget som inte har en orsak till att finnas i hans system. Vi rekommenderar alla att ta alla möjligheter att träffa och träna med Mick – Du kommer inte ångra Dig!”


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